Reasons for Unfollowing People on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Reasons for Unfollowing People on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a follow-up to Why I Unfollowed So Many Accounts on TwitterI thought I would share an infographic that details reasons for unfollowing people on Twitter.  The thing about this infographic…  I think nearly every twitter account I follow would fall into at least one of the reasons.  So, while I thought this infographic was witty, I do take it with a grain of salt.

IMAGE and INFOGRAPHIC CREDIT: The image above and the infographic below are brought to you by the fine people over at Marketing Tech Blog and DK New Media. Be sure to check them out.

What are your most common reasons for unfollowing someone on Twitter?

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3 Responses to “Reasons for Unfollowing People on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1.  @Caroline_Palmer Hey Caroline, I do the same thing. I cleared up over 1200 accounts in the past week (those accounts who hadn’t tweeted in over 45days) THanks for sharing.

  2. RojamDz says:

    I quickly drop individuals 90% of their comments are about how to get 10k followers. Get tickled that they themselves only have less than 100 or no tweets at all. I also tend to block them. I quickly un-follow the 24 hour followers who never had any intention in building a networking relationship. They are filed under,”We really did not have anything in common after all.” If I am reaching that follow limit, I go through followers using “SocialBro”. I identify which followers are in essence inactive, starting at not tweeting in over 1 year. 

  3. AusMatt says:

    I do like to engage with others on Twitter. So if I try and start up a bit of a conversation a couple of times with someone and they just don’t reply or acknowledge me then that shows that they’re just in it to keep firing out the links. I’ll unfollow people like this. (I know that some people have huge follower numbers and so can’t reply. I’m talking about ones who have more modest followings.)

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