Focus on the Performers

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Focus on the Performers

Have you ever wondered why, in some companies, the guy who’s always late or calls in sick gets all the attention from his manager?

While it’s important to coach employees and correct the undesirable behaviours, it should not be at the expense of directing some attention to your top performers.  Too often, managers and business owners allow the misgivings of a few employees consume their time and energy when that focus would be better used assisting the company’s stars with building their careers.

Focus on the Performers

A manager should never take an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude with his employees.

In my experience, the top reason performing employees cite for unsatisfactory careers is colleagues around them that don’t pull their own weight and a lack of recognition for the work they do.

I have also found that if I focus my energy coaching, mentoring, and preparing top performers that I am more likely to see improvements from those who are under-performing as well.

As a manager, I communicate with all employees on a regular basis… in large groups, small groups, and individually.  Employees are more apt to share with me what they want out of their work if I am making a sincere effort to understand what makes them tick… where their passions lie… what interests them.

A demonstrated interest in my employees will lead to higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty.  Assisting employees with their professional development plans, communicating with them, and understanding their passions and their ideas will all lead to a better manager/employee relationship. I believe a manager will be better for it and his or her employees will demonstrate higher levels of loyalty… especially those top performers who desire to be noticed by their management on a level more than simply the bottom-line productivity.

Share your vision of the future and make sure every member of the team, especially those top performers, understands how they play a part in that vision. The vision from management should be a consistent one… one that is lived and communicated by all members of management.

Strong employee managers are constantly on the lookout for their employees and their business.  They are relationship builders with their employees, clients, and colleagues… and they are always seeking to improve these relationships.

Strong managers focus their energy on their top performers and encourage under-performers to improve.  They seek to understand their employee’s passions at work and at home! They seek to improve themselves just as they expect their employees to improve.

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2 Responses to “Focus on the Performers”

  1. Mark Schmalz says:

    Very good Darren, thank you. I strongly agree that time spent with each employee is the greatest investment you can make at work. By engaging on a personal level you open the door to speak into someone’s life both professionally and personally. As a team member that genuinely cares, staff will notice and respond positively. Quantity of time and quality of time differs with each employee, but noticing what is required when and where is key for an effective manager. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Mark,
      Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts. In my experience, ‘performers’ are often left to simply perform. The result is many become disgruntled when they perceive others ‘getting the attention’. I think we agree.

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